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2023 Latest High Waist Leak proof panties

2023 Latest High Waist Leak proof panties

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It's simple: there is no better underwear product on the market that can give you the kind of peace of mind that our underwear can.

Fight odours. Feel fresh and odour-free during your period.
Great support. Perfect partner for your menstrual cup, tampons or pads.
Environmentally friendly. Help save the planet and save money.
Stay safe. Not sure when your period will start? Stay 100% dry and be ready at any time.
Prevent bladder weakness. Whether you're dealing with incontinence or light bladder leakage.
Live an active lifestyle. Stay dry, confident and stress-free during sports and exercise.
Our leak-proof underwear can replace pads, tampons, liners and cups or be worn with tampons and cups for added protection. 
2023 Latest design quickly absorbs and locks fluids and keep your underwear dry No odour all day long!

How do leak-proof panties work?

Our panties feature three layers of leak-proof protective material:

We make our panties from 92% cotton and 8% spandex to give you ultimate comfort dry with Maximum Coverage

Medium hygroscopic and impermeable layer.

2023 Latest development of leak-proof materials Quickly absorbs and locks in 30-50 ml of fluid, equivalent to 2-3 standard tampons or pads. And your panties stay dry all day!

Outer layer Breathable, antibacterial layer

Panties made of odour-suppressing textile that keeps all your odours from spreading. 24-hour strong antibacterial protection against itching

Washable & reusable

You don't need to worry about replacing your leak-proof panties because you can machine wash them as often as you like without them losing their effectiveness.



FABRIC: 95% Combed Cotton, 5% Spandex

COLOR: 7 colors,Black,Gray,Skin,Red,Purple,Pink,,Blue

Customer question and answer

Question 1 :What are Leakproof Panties?


Although their appearance is the same as a normal panty, the difference lies in the special fabric they are made of, as this allows the absorption of menstrual flow without being transferred to your clothes. 

In addition, they are antibacterial to avoid odors and keep you dry. The best thing is that they can be washed after each use, so you can reuse them.

Question 2 :How do I wash and dry Leakproof Panties?


Wash them before the first use with cold water (preferably in the washing machine). This helps to improve their absorbency.

After each use: First rinse or soak them in cold water. You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. It is very important to wash them in cold water, without softener, without Marseille soaps and without bleach. Never dry clean them. The sun is the healthiest way to dry them!

Question 3 :How long can I wear Leakproof Panties?


It depends on each style and your menstrual cycle or flow or incontinence. Only you can find out exactly how long they will last for your specific case. But they can last up to 8 hours.

Question 4 :Will I feel wet if I wear Leakproof Panties?


Not at all, the top layer of thin cotton allows blood/urine to drain and be absorbed and stored in the next layer. This way the vulva is not in contact with the blood and the cotton layer stays soft and dry.

Question 4 :Can Leakproof Panties be used for sports?


Yes, many customers have tried them and have received positive comments about it. We recommend trying them first and, once you feel comfortable, try your favorite sporting activity with them.


3 /5 /8 PCS/SET* Cotton High Waist  Leak Proof Panties


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2023 Latest High Waist Leak proof panties