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๐ŸŽ‰Reusable pads that can be used for at least 4 years (Random Color)

๐ŸŽ‰Reusable pads that can be used for at least 4 years (Random Color)

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  • 2024 Latest Design, quick absorbs and lock Liquids and keep your underwear dry, No odor all day long!

Ladies...does any of these sound familiar to you?

Incontinence Issues?
Heavy Period Flow?
Leaks & Stains?

After my first pregnancy I couldn't laugh or sneeze for a long time without peeing myselfโ€ฆI even had a problem wetting the bed.. and the most inconvenient were my leaks throughout the day at workโ€ฆ sadly nobody knew it but me.

It's called incontinence and it'sย actually really common for women of all agesย and could be caused by any of the following:

Would you like to save money while taking care of your health and the environment?

ย A pack of menstrual pads/Tampons is quivalent toย 4 plastic bags.Most of us have grown accustomed to the conventional ways of managing our period: pads and tampons.

However, in recent years, companies have been creating category innovations, and we are quite excited about the healthier and more sustainable options!ย Today, there are several environmentally friendly period products available such as reusable pads, period underwear.

Reusable pads are way moreย hygienicย than plastic based sanitary pads.Most disposable pads haveย chemicals and pesticides in them, which causes irritation to the skin ultimately leading toย rashes and infections.ย Compared to that, reusable cloth pads actually pose less risks for allergies and infections.

Our Bamboo Sanitary Pads are made from aย unique combination of bamboo charcoal and ultra absorbent fibersย to create the mostย comfortable, secure and easy to cleanย cloth pad on market. A natural fit thatโ€™s at home against evenย the most sensitive skin, all day long.They are perfect forย Menstrual Periods, Urinary Incontinence and Post-partum.

Super Absorbent And Waterproofโ€”They feature aย unique 4 part constructionย which pullsย moisture away from the skinย and into the absorbent layers beneath the bamboo, leaving youย feeling dryย andย allowing your skin to breathe.

While You're Out Of The House

Content with no spillover onto your clothes so you can change the pad there and go on about your day๏ผ

Fold the pad over itself and snap it shut with the buttons, you can choose to rinse before or not (depending on your location/circumstances) and insert into the wet bag. Folding the pads this way and also usingย our wet bag will ENSURE there are no leaks or smells.


Bamboo Charcoalย -ย The bamboo is broken down to its fibre form, charcoal is then infused and woven into the bamboo fibres to create the ultimate odour absorbing blend. Bamboo can be recycled.

#Zero Waste & #NatureIs Queen

โœ…Made withย  breathable Microfiber>>Ultra Absorbent and Fully Leak Proof

โœ…Machine wash & Hand wash & Air dry

โœ…Faster dryingโ€”Feel dryer for longer and change your pads less often

โœ…No odorโ€”โ€”The layers of bamboo charcoal will filter out the disgusting smells

โœ…Softerโ€”โ€”Say goodbye to irritation,ย chafing andย adhesive strips


Quality is guaranteed by official certificates. Quality speaks for products.

(For your health, please don't buy cheap bootlegs.)


Are these for menstrual flow or incontinence?

-ย ย Both.

Will it leak?ย 

-ย The chances of leakage is almost NIL. These pads are super absorbent and can last for a whole day.

Do they work for heavy periods?

-ย Yes, it is. On an average, we bleed just about 40ml a day. However, these pads are super absorbent.

How do they attach to your panties?

-ย Theres a snap button on the bottom. It is easy to open and close. Mine have never slipped. Used 2+ years now, zero adjustment problems.

Are they hygienic? / Infections or any other risks?ย 

-ย Yes, reusable pads are way more hygienic than plastic based sanitary pads.Most disposable pads have chemicals and pesticides in them, which causes irritation to the skin ultimately leading to rashes and infections. Compared to that, reusable cloth pads actually pose less risks for allergies and infections.

Which size to use?

-Our universal size is "L" to fit everyone's everyday needs.

Are your pads FDA compliant?

-ย Our products have been registered with the FDA since 2001.

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๐ŸŽ‰Reusable pads that can be used for at least 4 years (Random Color)