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🎁✨Limited time 49% OFF -UNbrush Detangling Hairbrush

🎁✨Limited time 49% OFF -UNbrush Detangling Hairbrush

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🌟Effortless Detangling

🌈Gentle Care for All Hair Types

💁‍♀️Stylish and Ergonomic Design

🚫Minimizes Breakage


🌺Preserves Natural Beauty

🌍Portable and Convenient

Say Goodbye to Knots and Tangles


The Unbrush gently yet thoroughly extracts knots and tangles from even the most unruly hair, painlessly and effortlessly. Featuring the perfect blend of 105 dual length bristles, combined with an ultralight high performance handle. Reduces styling time and prevents hair from catching. Great for wet or dry hair.


Why It's Different

  • DuoFlex Anti-Static Bristles work like magic, for gentle tangle release and reduced breakage
  • 58 long bristles carefully and easily detangle even the most stubborn hair
  • 47 mini bristles gently smooth and polish hair
  • Works equally great on wet and dry hair!
  • Unique backless vented cushion reduces styling time

  • Easy-to-clean design ensures hassle-free maintenance
  • Ultra-light, high performance handle allows for durable flexibility and ease of use - weighs only 2.5 oz!
  • Perfect for women, men, and children!

How To Use

  • Hair Condition: You can use the Unbrush on both wet and dry hair, depending on your preference and needs.

  • Brush Process:  For best detangling results, hold the Unbrush horizontally and brush hair from the bottom of the strand and work your way up to the root.

  • Repeat as Needed: Continue this process throughout your hair, section by section, until you've detangled all the desired areas.



Q: How does Detangling Technology work?

Detangling Hair Brush employs advanced DuoFlex Anti-Static Bristles that work magic in gently releasing tangles and minimizing breakage, ensuring an effortless detangling experience.

Q: Is suitable for all hair types?

Absolutely! Unbrush is designed for versatility, catering to all hair types—curly, straight, thick, or fine. It glides through with a gentle touch, providing hassle-free care for every individual.

Q: Can I use on wet hair?

Yes! Unbrush is designed to perform equally well on both wet and dry hair, adapting seamlessly to your grooming routine.

Q: How much does Hair brush weigh?

Hair brush is ultra-lightweight, with a high-performance handle weighing only 2.5 oz! Enjoy durable flexibility and ease of use without any added heft.

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Size: 24.3*8.5*4.3 cm
Color: Moonlight / Cherry Blossom / Lagoon / Aurora / Sunburst / Galaxy
Material: Plastic
Package includes:  Detangling Hairbrush


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This brush is a dream! My daughter is biracial and has super thick/curly hair. We've tried every brush under the sun and NOTHING works like this! It glides through her curls with ease AND gets to the root. It's simply amazing! Usually it takes at least 30 min just to brush while wet, we were done in under 20 minutes with this. Buy it!

Cora Vee Za

I cannot love this brush enough! When it arrived I thought it was flimsy and was tempted to send it back, but it was cute so I gave it a try. Fast forward to wash day and I just finger separated my freshly washed hair into about five uneven sections. Applied some leavin conditioner to each section and brushed each section. Somewhere between the second or third struggle free pass though my hair the section was detangled. And I mean from root to the ends!!! The fourth and fifth pass through my hair were simply because I was in disbelief that this almost weightless brush detangled my hair. Don’t ever stop making this Bautero! I’m about to order one for my 6 year old daughter, we could share but I don’t want to!


Bought this for my 9 yr old daughter's hair. She always has really bad tangles when she gets out of the shower, no matter how much conditioner she uses. The brush helps so much. Night and day difference. Well worth the money.


I want this Xx

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🎁✨Limited time 49% OFF -UNbrush Detangling Hairbrush