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Baby Water Play Bitz interactive Mat

Baby Water Play Bitz interactive Mat

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Tested And Aproved!

According to experts, just 30 minutes a day in the prone position can make all the difference for babies and we have the perfect solution to make this moment even more special.

An adventure for development

Let your baby start exploring the world up close with the sensory and visual experience of the carpet, on the stomach the baby can see the incredible elements that will sharpen his senses and develop his cognitive side.

Growing up with encouragement is less stressful

With our mat your baby will strengthen the muscles and prepare for the crawling phase, and thus strengthen to start sitting and taking your first steps. Otapete is the secret to making your child's experience unforgettable with lots of fun and stimulating sensory activity.

refreshment and fun

Playing with water is so engaging that it helps increase children's concentration in the long run. Concentration is a vital factor for the development of your children in the future, especially during normal learning, as well as bringing fun moments between parents and children

The quality material is its great differential

made with resistant and highly durable plastic but also thought about the safety of your baby. Compact and easy to carry wherever you go with your baby

Size: 66*50 cm
Recommend Age: 2 months+
Material: PVC
Gender: Unisex
Features: Inflatable, SOFT
Certification: CE


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Baby Water Play Bitz interactive Mat